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Hi, I'm the founder at A.F. This whole journey started when I began highlighting Asian-owned businesses on social media. What started as a small passion project during my spare time for a community I cared about led to building A.F. to what it is now. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many founders as well as organizations who want to #amplifytogether. There's more to the journey but I'll leave that for when we [hopefully] cross paths and connect! Cheers to building dreams.


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🏆 Recipient of the 2023 Bruin Business 100 Award which recognizes businesses not only for success, but for business models foste
ring positive social change.

🏆 Winner of the the Yelp for Business x Luminary Fellowship 2022-2023
🎤 Speaker for Yelp & LinkedIn

"10 inspiring AAPI accounts to follow today" - Later Media
✍️ "The creator of Asian Founded is turning love for her community and creativity into sales for Asian-founded businesses -- one owner seeing a 500% increase."
ABC 7 Los Angeles

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